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Interested in running a high performance Lugdunon server?
Interested in running your own online rpg? We are so sure you will love our service that we will PAY you to try it! When you sign up at https://lugdunoncity.org/index.php/lugdunon-hosting/plans your first month is free. Cancel before the end of the month and pay nothing. If you have any questions send me a message or enter a ticket at https://LugdunonCity.org - looking forward to serving you!
Most important is the server actually running the game. We use Linode.com to host our servers, and they all allow shell access which is required for running a Lugdunon server.
Servers start at $14/month (1gb RAM, 1 CPU core, 30gb storage), and the best deal is $28/month (2gb RAM, 2 CPU cores, 48gb storage). All servers are running Ubuntu Linux for best security and performance. Servers utilize SSDs for fast data access.
Along with Lugdunon your server will come with these features: Joomla 3.9.20 or later, Kunena forum software, jDownloads download manager (good for hosting the client software), RSFirewall, Akeeba backup, jChat Social Pro, and Jomsocial community software. Altogether more than $150 of extra software for free.
You also get our in-house developed subscription mod that allows you to charge users for access to your Lugdunon server. It is possible to create a free subscription plan, say a monthly trial, if you desire. You can also ignore this feature altogether and just run your server as open to the public. This also integrates with the other features so you can provide access to private forums, downloads, etc. included with your one-time fee of $25 i will set all these features up for you.
You will need: domain name (at your cost), and a SSL certificate is included free.
We also offer a update service which keeps your web server (Lugdunon and Linux itself) up to date around the clock for just $7 a month. This is totally optional if you want to manage your servers yourself. Free q&a for all customers whether you subscribe to this or not!
For more info just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you can see a sample of what you are getting at http://lugdunoncity.org